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Prevent Pallet Racking System Collapse with These Site Considerations

Physical Site Considerations that Will Save Your Pallet Racking System from Collapse

There’s more to pallet racking system construction than just assembly of rack profiles and reinforcements. Unlike any other installation, a pallet racking system is a huge, heavy, and complex structure, which needs serious engineering work. As such, several physical site considerations have to be made.

Pallet Racking Failure

Seismic Classification

The Earth’s crust is broken into tectonic plates. These plates are slowly sliding against each other, causing massive vibrations felt on the surface as earthquakes. Normally, what’s experienced on the surface is just the tiny remnants of a dying force but it’s still strong enough to cause serious damage even on the toughest pallet racking systems.

The effect of tremor on a certain location depends on its proximity to fault lines where most seismic activities occur. This is why the government classifies each location and creates a different set of building codes to ensure that the pallet racking system will hold during a particular magnitude of earthquake.

Fire Exits

Without the pallet racking system, the warehouse will be an empty building where all doors from entrance to exit are easily accessible in the event of fire. With a pallet racking system in place, however, egress can be a little more complicated. Risks of accident and injury are higher in this situation, especially when burning products and collapsing racks start to get in the way. Pallet racking installation standards have specific guidelines on positioning the rows of racks to provide easy access to fire exits.

Floor Stability

There are warehouses, especially the old ones, that weren’t designed to house a pallet racking system. Their floors are not strong and stable enough to carry such a heavy load. Chances are the feet of the racks may slowly puncture the floor and cause them to gradually tilt and eventually collapse or form cracks that could later lead to accidents. Therefore, before building the pallet racking system, make sure that the concrete floor is tested for strength and endurance.

Sprinkler System

As with other types of structure, a pallet racking system has to be equipped with a fire protection system. It may seem a trivial addition to the structure, but a sprinkler system may block other vital components, such as the wiring and lights. In other words, it has to be carefully factored in the design. With a sprinkler system within the pallet racking system, it’s easier to put out a fire that starts from the products.

These are only some of the major aspects of the pallet racking system construction plan that have to be considered to prevent pallet racking system failure. Make sure that before you start buying materials and paying contractors for the project, all of these have been factored in. To be absolutely sure about your decisions, partner with a pallet racking system specialist.